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Commercial Refrigeration

Full-Service Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Experts in all Commercial Refrigeration Types, Makes and Models

All Boro refrigeration is a full service provider for any type of commercial refrigeration repair. The commercial units we repair include but are not limited to: Walk-in, worktop, under-counter and merchandiser refrigerators, refrigerated display cases, refrigerated buffet units, food preparation units, walk-in coolers, bar refrigeration systems, commercial freezers, beverage coolers and ice machines. We are well versed in all makes and models of any type of commercial refrigeration unit.

Quality Refrigeration Repair for All Commercial Establishments

We cater to any type of business that utilizes some type of refrigeration system. This includes supermarkets, meat and fish markets, restaurants, bars, delis, beer distributors, retail stores, office buildings and more. We service everything from the large wholesale beverage facility to the single refrigerator in a small office. We are experts in commercial refrigeration and we treat every business like it’s our own!

Commercial Refrigeration Repair is a Serious Matter

When it Comes to Your Business, Trust The Experts

One must be highly experienced when dealing with commercial refrigeration. Unlike the residential side, commercial refrigeration work must meet certain guidelines according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as town and city health departments and other health related agencies. For example, when it comes to the food industry, the U.S. Department of Agriculture dictates that a commercial refrigerator should not be set above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as bacteria grow most rapidly between temperatures of 40-140 degrees. Therefore, cold food should be kept under 40 degrees and hot food should be kept above 140 degrees. Anything below or above this range may cause a variety of food borne illnesses.
There are many commercial refrigeration issues that can take place at any time. Dirt obstruction in a compressor may restrict air flow and cause the compressor to shut down. A defective thermostat may cause coils in the evaporator to freeze. The buildup of ice in the evaporator of an ice machine, caused by low refrigeration levels may prevent the thermostat from cycling off. Problems can also be caused when a unit door will not shut properly. There are countless issues that may arise with your commercial refrigeration units, potentially compromising the safety of your staff, customers and guests. At All Boro Refrigeration, we always know the solution. We will get your unit back up and running promptly and efficiently!

Masters of Our Craft

Experience is Always the Answer

We have performed thousands of commercial refrigeration repairs across Long Island and NYC. We have truly entered every type of commercial establishment and encountered every type of problem imaginable. We are well versed in all legal guidelines pertaining to food safety and all other commercial refrigeration legalities, and can repair any issue related to the violation of these guidelines. The most important thing to know how to do is diagnose. If you do not know the problem, you cannot fix the problem. Diagnosing refrigeration equipment is often no simple task. However, with more than forty years of experience, we can come in and quickly tell you what needs to be done. We will then communicate your options to you, and upon your approval we will expedite a quality repair. Allow us the opportunity to service all of your commercial refrigeration needs.

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